Harrison (name)

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Pronunciation /ˈhærɪsən/ HARR-i-sən
Word/name English
Meaning “son of Harry”
Region of origin England
Other names
Variant form(s) Harris
Frequency and comparisons:[1]

Harrison is a common patronymic surname of English origin.[2] It may also be spelled HarrissonHarryson or Harrysson. Harrison means “son of Harry”. Early records suggest that the surnames Harrison and Harris were used interchangeably by some families. Harrison is the 42nd most common surname in England and 123rd most common in the United States.[1] The first known recording of the surname had been dated from 1355 in LondonEngland.[3]

The Harrisons Website

I’m working on creating a Photographic historical archive of the Harrison family and it’s off-shoots.

This is a work in progress and will be changing regularly.


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